Monday, February 15, 2010

Art's cuts call for participants

This is a call to anyone who wants to participate in a short video skit to be taped (most likely) next Sunday. The skit critiques the cuts to provincial arts funding to pay for the Olympics. Briefly the script involves a group of artists, writers, and musicians lining up to get a small slice of Olympic inukshuk being grilled on a barbeque by a guy named "Art." The grilled inukshuk runs out before everyone gets a slice.

If you're interested in performing (speaking lines are very short!) we're aiming to tape it next Sunday, February 21st, at the covered barbeque pit in Strathcona Park, at 1pm. We need 2 videographers, and people willing to dress up in various costumes such as folk musicians, poets, painters, Shakespearean actors, ballet and/or flamenco dancers, etc. We also need an Olympic "torch runner," and 2 "Grecian priestesses." The props will be provided, but we're asking participants to create their own costumes.

If you're interested in participating you can contact me, Alex (or Kelly), at 604-730-9289, by email:, or through White Pillows (

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