Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reserved Sitting for the Olympics.

Performed by Emilio rojas
February the 22nd to 24th
" After finding a designer's broken chair on grandville island, and seeing the crowds waiting for public transportation or fighting for a place to sit on the bus , I decided to bring my own chair and have a reserved seat in any situation" said Emilio Rojas. The artist carried this chair around Vancouver during the second week of the Winter Olympics and used it to sit in the skytrain, buses, bus stops, touristic events, lines where people were waiting ( hotdogs, vancouver art gallery,bars, sport events entrance, etc). The chair was also broken which prevented the Emilio from showing any chivalry to an old lady or pregnant mother. "Coming from Mexico, Im used to give my sit to any women, older person, child, or even someone who looks tired, as a sign of chivalry and respect. Yet, the chair is broken and its a hazard, in a way it prevented me from having any guilt while sitting in any of these spaces when most of the people were standing." People that surrounded Emilio Rojas, usually laugh, commented on the action, or took pictures with the artist. Unfortunately the documentation was lost, yet the performance remains in the mind of the viewers and the only evidences are a few photographs taken on a cellphone ,and the broken chair itself.

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