Monday, March 1, 2010

White Pillows "sleepover"

VIVO2010;Safe Assembly presents WHITE PILLOWS SLEEPOVER

February 27th, 8 P.M. to Sunday 28th, 9 am.

by donation

VIVO Media Arts Centre

1965 Main Street,

VIVO2010:Safe Assembly, closes its programming with a celebration organized by the White Pillows collective. Come join us for an night of performance, games, interactions and dialogue. The collective will present documentation, ephemera, and stories of their performances during the Olympics. Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa will be performing a special piece for the evening. Heidi Nagtegaal will be cooking pancakes in the morning.

Ikbal Singh, will be silk-screening the logo of the collective, Albrecht Durer’s Sechs Kissen (6 Pillows), made in 1493. Please bring a t-shirt, paper, cloth or surface that you want the design to be silk-screened on.

Covering Up, a project by Lois Klassen and Pierre-André Sonolet will also be presenting documentation. The project involved participants to impose the personal by using household linen and bedding on a rapidly changing urban landscape producing momentary gestures of resistance.

Bring your pillows, sleeping bags, and comfortable clothes for pillow fights. Be ready to let go of any stress that the last two weeks of chaos have caused upon yourself, enjoy, and acknowledge the legacy of VIVO2010;Safe Assembly in our community.

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